16 luglio 2006

dream brother

opo una nervosa intro nella quale parla di quando la madre gli fece ascoltare per la prima volta questa canzone del padre tim a sei anni, e di come si fosse annoiato, jeff buckley inizia once i was scritta dal padre per la madre mary..

"Suddenly, before the last chorus, a string broke on his acoustic guitar, and Jeff sang the lines, 'Sometimes, I wonder for a while/Do you ever remember me?' unaccompanied. If that weren't dramatic enough, his voice spiralled up on the last word --'me'-- like a thin plume of smoke, holding on for a moment before drifting up to the ceiling. He took a quick bow, said 'thanks,' and trotted offstage, and the concert ended. It would not have been a more perfect finale if he had planned it.

Backstage, he cried and..continua qui

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